The Christmas season is nearly upon us! Here at The Plough we can cater your festive needs, we have special Christmas Party Menus, Canapes, Sharing Menu and Christmas Day Menu.

As ever we will posting information about more events happening throughout December, check the website regularly for more information.

Unfortunately we are unable to take bookings online, so in order to make your reservation please call us on 01494 259757, pop into The Plough, and speak to a member of staff or email your enquiries to info@theploughamersham.co.uk.

Click here to view our menus!


                                                  Bar                     Restaurant

              24/12                   10.00-00.30              12.00-22.30 *

*Traditional Italian Christmas eve, celebrated with fish dishes

              25/12                   11.00-15.00              BOOKINGS ONLY

              26/12                   11.00-23.00              12.00-21.00

              27/12                   11.00-23.00              12.00-22.00

              28/12                   10.00-23.00              12.00-22.00

              29/12                   10.00-00.00             12.00-22.00

              30/12                   10.00-00.00             12.00-22.00

              31/12                   10.00-00.30             12.00-16.00**

**From 19.00-party bookings and tickets only

             01/01/17             12.00-22.30               12.00-22.30



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